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An Update From Michael
Fall, 2014

Spreading The Word

We are really excited with how things have been going this year. We've learned so much running the retreat and it has brought us so many warm smiles, laughter, and incredible moments. It's been really wonderful to spend quality time with many interesting guests, amazing artists, good friends and close family here at Eureka. In the process, we've met some really nice folks, shared many wonderful stories, cooked some delicious meals, and experienced so many extraordinary adventures together.

Spreading the word about our place has been an interesting process. With our listings on AIRBNB and other hospitality websites, we found it impossible to predict who might discover us. Remarkably, we have consistently had very positive experiences with all our guests. I remember one of our very first visitors who was a gentlemen from the Galapagos Islands in Equador. I could never have predicted someone would visit from such a magical and far away place! We've had NASA scientists, quiltmakers, classical cellists, students of architecture and medicine, and even a designer of a sophisticated global initiative to help curb global warming. And we are also absolutely delighted to get so many sparkling reviews and 5 star ratings from our guests!

On the creative side, we continue to host many inspiring improv gatherings which bring together professional touring artists to work, play and create in our space. One of our improvisers this year was jazz great Brad Terry. It was so delightful to hear Brad say, as soon as he started playing his clarinet, "The acoustics in here are WONDERFUL!"

Now we are continuing to develop our marketing and are getting ready to offer private instruction in stage skills, conditioning, and improvisation. We have many great ideas about how to expand and grow and there are many new things we'd like to make happen!

So please join our mailing list and keep in touch or if you're in the area and would like to stop by and see our space, we'd love to give you a free tour.

Thank you for your interest in Eureka!


Michael Menes