Eureka Dance Studio
Reviews From Artists & Guests

Here are some reviews from guests and artists who have visited us in 2013 and 2014.

“Can’t wait to go back!”

Unique space! Built by the owner… very cool. Great folks to hang out with and awesome farms, rivers, scenery and interesting places to see nearby. Comfortable, clean, super nice owner. Recommended for: Adventure Seekers, Girls Getaway, Sightseeing, Romantic Getaway.

-Philly Mendelson
Yoga Instructor & Organic Chef
Golden, Colorado
August, 2013

“A spacious and quiet retreat with a gorgeous studio space.”

A fantastic place to spend a few days, weeks, or more working on some new material. Bedrooms upstairs are cozy, quiet, and comfortable. Great kitchen and eating space overlooking the studio floor. (There's also a grill for outdoor cooking but I was up in February!) The studio space is great; nice hardwood floors, a wood stove, and tons of ceiling space for juggling.

-Scott Jameson
Professional Magician, Juggler, Touring Artist
Massachusetts, USA
February, 2014

“Knows the importance of nuance, surprise, structure, comfort and dependability.”

I have had the pleasure of staying (and working) at the Eureka Retreat on several occasions and it is one of those places you have to experience in order to believe. I was looking for a place where I could get away from distractions and deeply explore some ideas and creative possibilities that I'd put on the back burner for ages. In Eureka Retreat, I found what I was looking for and then some!!! I have so much respect and admiration for the designer and owner of Eureka. Michael Menes is a world class performer who knows the importance of nuance, surprise, structure, comfort and dependability. This retreat is a creative expression of Michael's expertise in all these areas. I look forward to returning to Eureka Retreat again and again.

-Karen Montanaro
Dancer, Mime, Touring artist, Teacher, and Author
Casco, Maine
June, 2014

“Highly recommended!”

The place was beautiful, the pictures do not do it justice. It was clean and tidy and located in a quiet area, within reasonable distance from White Mountain National Park. Michael is very interesting, as he is a man of many talents. He was also helpful in directions and suggestions for places around town. Highly recommended!!

-Carmen Mei
College Student, Grenada
August, 2014

“Way better than the photos!”

Michael's place is actually way better than the photos! He took a really Long time to design and build the house. This is such a lovely space by the perspective of an architecture student. And you will always find surprise in corners. Check Michael's sand collection and his old passport (it is truly amazing!!) Location was great, and if you came on a sunny day, you can see the stars at night without any light pollution, or even Milky Way if you are lucky! Michael has everything we needed, and provided us a lot of info before and after we arrived. And he made coffee and toast for us in the morning:) Michael is the best host that I ever met, he went to EVERY CORNERS OF THE EARTH! It was wonderful to hear his story from all over the world. We will definitely come back next time!!

- Tiantian Lou
Architecture Student, Rhode Island School of Design (Born in Shanghai, China)
July, 2014

“Carefully and lovingly crafted…”

I was at Eureka Retreat before all the upgrades. This is a hand-built custom property owned by a working performing artist who has traveled, lived, and worked widely through the world. (The retreat) is carefully and lovingly crafted. It was meant to be a place where traveling artists could work on their craft as well as participate in a short stay in a bucolic setting.

-Lauren Muney
Touring Artist
Baltimore, Maryland, USA
June, 2014