Eureka Dance Studio
Facility Specifications

This page provides some technical specifications about our facility. Please contact us if you would like to know something specific or in more detail.
The building is new construction built in stages from 2002 to 2014. It sits on 2.4 acres of mostly wooded land. Interior floor space is approximately 4000 square feet of finished space including 3 guest rooms, a professional dance studio, a kitchen, work space, and even an outdoor shower.   Eureka Exterior
Our dance studio is a beautiful 1200 square foot space (29' x 39') featuring a lofty 18' high ceiling and a sprung maple hardwood floor. The space is heated using two heat sources: a Monitor K-1 oil heat system complimented by natural wood heat. The main studio has a 10' x 14' mirror on one wall and is configured so that no direct sunlight will flood into the space. The space maintains a very comportable cool temperature during the summer months as the building's concrete slab naturally cools the space. In the winter months, because it is all new construction, it maintains a comfortable heat despite it's large size and high ceiling.   Eureka Studio
Trusses are spaced every 24" above the MAIN STUDIO space allowing for the installation of aerial equipment or hanging photographic backdrops. There are (10) 20 amp circuits for lighting instruments.   Eureka Ceiling
The GUEST LOUNGE is a nice room available for folks to relax or work on our guest iMac.   Eureka Guest Lounge
The 4000 square foot building also has guest rooms, kitchen facilities, office space, and two and a half baths allowing for complete "residency" periods.   Eureka Bedroom