Old Orchard Beach in Saco, Maine
Meet the Owner


I'm Michael Menes (pronounced men-ness) and I'm the guy on the left in the photo above bouncing on the large balls. I'm the owner of Eureka. I make my living primarily as an artistic juggler and variety arts performer. I've been living in Maine for 24 years and as many Mainers do, I wear several hats!

For those who don't know me, I've been very fortunate to have had a successful career as a performing artist. I've toured my work nationally and internationally for close to 30 years and although I love traveling and performing all around the world, there is definitely no place like home! In Maine, between my tours, I've gradually built an artist retreat so I could create theatre, teach privately, spend time with friends and family, and of course, practice my juggling skills in a space with a very high ceiling! A few of the other hats I wear are as a father, a carpenter, a host, and at times, a website designer, photographer and videographer.

Eureka has taken over 12 years to build so I'm really excited that the space is officially up and running. I've already had some great guests and wonderful artists come visit me and I'm really looking forward to many inspiring years ahead!

Thanks for checking out this website and I hope you'll join our mailing list and stay in touch with Eureka!


Michael Menes

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  Michael Menes Comedy Show Image I perform classy juggling, inventive physical comedy, and original comedic sketches. To read more about my work, visit:

Photo by Andree Kehn.